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Before we get straight into customizing a brush, look through Procreate’s brush selection and get a feel of the type of brush you’d like to alter. Using the steps mentioned above, adjust the brush settings to your preferences. 5. You'll see multiple sections here: Stamp Color Jitter affects the color of each instance of the shape used within your stroke. In Procreate 5, you can Reset a Default Brush at any time by going to About this brush in the Brush Settings, and then selecting Reset all settings. You can use Procreate’s library of shapes and textures for your custom brush, or you can add in your own photo. If there is no Procreate icon, then: … Try them out and experiment with them! Lastly, the Size and Opacity Limits sections impact the maximum and minimum sizes and opacity of the brush when in use. Turn on the canvas grid to help draw in straight or even lines. The Flow is basically how much value "comes out" when using your brush. For beginners, I recommend watching and following … First of all you have to make previous steps. Fall Off creates a stroke that will fade in intensity over time. I wanted to attempt to create a watercolor look using Procreate on the iPad Pro for this week’s tutorial. Open up the Procreate app and create a SQUARE document. Get creative with custom brushes and stamps for digital art. Design like a professional without Photoshop. Procreate will treat one brush as the master brush and the other will be secondary. In some, the difference is rather subtle, but in others, it can make a big difference. Notice that it takes the flower shape and mixes it up throughout the brush. How to create a custom procreate brush stamp for your signature, logo, or watermark: 1. You can also use a compatible third-party stylus, but this may result in fewer pencil settings. 1. It is also an effective way to better understand how brushes work in Procreate. Open the shape editor and click paste shape. Of course, Im using Procreate … The result would be a brush with only a little paint, but a lot of water, so it pushes the color around and dilutes it! Scroll through the categories on the left side of the library and see the brush preview on the right side. Within those properties, you’ll also see the StreamLine function; this tool stabilizes your stroke appearance and is optimal when using Procreate for hand lettering purposes. Next, we have our Rendering Options, which are a new section added in Procreate 5. In this post, I will walk you through the basic steps to make your own first illustration brush. Learn how to design a custom stamp brush on Procreate app from start to finish! Open up the Procreate app and create a SQUARE document. Open a new blank canvas that is a square size. Procreate brushes are composed of a shape (container) that contains grain (texture). Stroke Color Jitter will add color variation every time you make a stroke. Place the mountains following an imaginary line (usually along one border of the continent or region), alternating between the Mountain 1 and 2. How to Create a Monoline Brush in Procreate. Normal allows the stroke to build up over time with Opacity and Size Dynamics. I'd like to draw your attention to the Drawing Pad, at the top of our Brush Settings. Now, let's look at the Shape Settings. Specifically a little app called Procreate. I’m using my own custom brush, but you can use any brush you wish. If brush is not opened, then: 1. Duplicate the brush before editing by swiping left on the selected brush and hitting Duplicate. If your folder is higher or lower than your list is currently displaying, hold it at the top or bottom until the list scrolls to where you need it to be. Making your own original brushes is a great way to create brushes that look and behave the way you desire and that help bridge the gap between analog and digital art. This gives you more options in how you want your brush to appear on the canvas, rather than using the sources of the default brush. Click on Procreate in fast apps list. Hey Guys! The best option for a clean brush appearance is the Improved filtering. After finalizing your brush settings, go ahead and test out your new customized brush in the canvas. Our brush is looking better, but the flower shapes are all uniform right now. For this tutorial, choose any color you like, other than the same color as the background. Pressure can also determine the opacity, bleed, and smoothing options of the brush. So I decide to create a Procreate brush that takes a step out of my work! This will open up your library of Procreate Brushes. If brush is not opened, then: 1. The Shape Source determines the container for the brush, while the Grain Source applies the texture to that shape. In this video, I’m going to be showing you how to make your own brushes in Procreate and walk you through several of the brush settings so you can start. Creating and customizing Procreate brushes is both useful and really fun—but sometimes, it's handy to have a bank of awesome brushes in your toolkit, ready to go. Brush Studio is an entire brush creation app built into Procreate. Learn how to make an outline brush in Procreate 5. Here, we can test out our settings while we experiment with them. Now that you know how to edit default brushes, it’s now time to make your own brushes from scratch. Next, go to your Shape Settings and set the Scatter to 199%. Change the values and experience how they work! Cool, right? The last step in editing default brushes is in the General section. There are also over 50 stamp brushes. Make a new square document. Brush Studio gives you the power to customize default brushes or build your own unique brush creations. So, for example, I often like to raise the Brush Maximum on the default 6B Pencil, so I can get a much thicker stroke than the default permits. In the Brush Properties panel is where you’ll find options to change the name and alter the preview in the brush library. Turn on the canvas grid to help draw in straight or even lines. Start off by opening up the Procreate program. For example, at minimum, we won't see any texture. Fall Off affects the length of your stroke. I highly recommend freely experimenting with them—this is a great way to get a hands-on feel for how they work. This class will walk you through the process of making a simple brush pen (lettering) brush to get you started and familiar to how it all works and all the functions. Turn the Rotation all the way up until it says Follow Stroke. These brushes—20 of them—are perfect for projects like children's books, sequential art, illustrative work, and more! Painting in Procreate. And when I do, I always feel the need to put a shadow under ANY letter text I make. If you can customize a brush, you can make … To Delete a Custom Set, tap on the name of the set and then choose Delete. Set these values to Max to have your brush react when you apply ample amounts of pressure; set to 0% to keep your brush properties the same no matter the pressure. You can put in your name and even your signature too, if you'd like! It just takes some time to tweak and get everything just perfect. Burnt Edges Mode and Blend Mode should be familiar, in terms of their options; choose from standard blending mode types to change the look and feel of your brush. Color Dynamics are a newer section, here in the Brush Settings. Start off by heading to the brush icon and creating a new brush by selecting the plus sign at the top right of the Brush Library. Make sure you are in the Source tab of the brush menu. Test out the brush settings by drawing within the box in the Advanced Brush Settings. Once you have your brush of preference set up, go activate the grid and make sure the grid size is set to 1px. For example, in my Files, on my iPad, I have a folder called Procreate. Simply slide the brush thumbnail to the left and choose ‘Duplicate’. Making brushes in Procreate is super easy. If you purchase an entire set of brushes, they will probably come as a zip file. The Smudge slider affects the amount of smudge applied when the Smudge Tool is activated. For textured brushes, I like to layer them over solid shapes and backgrounds, then adjusting the blend mode and opacity in the Layers menu. The Shape section will alter how the source shape behaves when drawn out. The Brush Library will open up a vast collection of default brushes to choose from in your composition. Start by tapping the Plus Sign at the top of your opened Brushes. This ensures that you won’t get any color on the main layer since the shadow layer is underneath. First you’ll need the actual image you want to make into a stamp brush. 4. Happy drawing! Wondering how to make an Animated GIF in Procreate? Offset Jitter can help keep things looking natural, unless you want your grain to be a consistent pattern that does not vary when you make a new stroke. I recommend using the Drawing Pad above these options to test them out in real time. If you want your brush to look more natural, you can set this lower. As we've reviewed, there are a ton of settings to experiment with—and that's truly the best way to get to know them! Tap on your desired Brush to open the Brush Settings. Don't be afraid to test out these Brush Settings as you go through them! Now, let's go to our Stroke Path Settings. It just takes some time to tweak and get everything just perfect. Instead, the aesthetic will have more of a continuous look. The first suggestion relates to what we’ve already talked about. Never miss out on learning about the next big thing. First of all you have to make previous steps. It’s dedicated to the great Will Elder, an American illustrator and comic book artist who worked in numerous areas of commercial art but is best known for a zany cartoon style that helped launch Harvey Kurtzman’s MAD comic book in 1952. Brushes. The Rotation slider allows the grain to move in a certain direction. Hey everybody! In Procreate, the brush stroke acts as a strand of singular shapes. For this tutorial, I’m using an Apple Pencil on an iPad Pro. You need to choose white because traditionally that is the color of the background on a sticker and sticker sheet. Their debut title, Tiny Bird Garden, is available on iOS and Android. 3. There are ten categories with different settings we can adjust. Adjust the Angle amount to set the point at which the tilt affects the stroke appearance. We can change the Rotation here, to achieve the effect we're looking for. Orient to Screen changes the brush’s orientation as the screen turns. Tilt your Apple Pencil on the screen and you’ll see a difference in how the brush applies to the canvas. While Procreate’s brush collection is quite versatile, there will be times when you need to make a few tweaks to the default brushes. I’ll show you 5 easy methods that you can use to start making Procreate animations today. Interested in learning more about the Procreate software? We'll make a bunch of changes here, but first, let's give our brush a name. Today I am going to do a tutorial on how to create texture and paint effects in Procreate.. Let's create a simple brush. Looking for beautiful, hand-drawn Procreate brushes to add to your collection? Click on … How to Make Your Own Brushes in Procreate. The Shape Behavior panel contains sliders to edit the scatter and rotation of the brush shape. You've created and customized your own Procreate brush, and we've come up with two really different results that use the same brush shape too! Glazed enables the brush to behave much like Photoshop brushes without building up over time. How to Make a Custom Procreate Brush with iPad Pro - OPEN ME Want to make your own procreate brush? That single shape then repeats over the course of the stroke to create a brush stroke. Choose between six different rendering modes: Light Glaze, Uniformed Glaze, Intense Glaze, Heavy Glaze, Uniform Blending, and Intense Blending. You'll notice that your new Brush Set is empty until you add content to it. She is the Lead Artist at Super Retro Duck, an independent game developer that she co-owns. Experiment with various brushes and customize them even further with the brush settings. Looking for something to help kick start your next project? Download brushes fastly right to your iPad. Think of the brush’s grain as a paint roller; as the brush is drawn on the canvas, the grain changes in direction and size. Just click on the % an a little menu will open to change the settings. Even though Procreate comes with a large variety of brushes, there will always be instances where you need to fine tune an existing brush or create your own from scratch. Here, you can clear your drawing pad, reset your settings, change the preview size, and select a different color. Size and how to make a brush in procreate of the brush appearance is the color of each instance of the and! Alter the shape, in the actions panel ( wrench in top left corner ), if 'd! Left side of the brush Classic, and the other is a quick and easy way to sure... Appearance is the best option for how to make a brush in procreate clean brush appearance is the second part of your own download... Spreads the shape of any brush that looks like a textured solid brush orientation as screen! Brush a name with these sliders and test out our settings while experiment. New places, Procreate will treat one brush as the background on a and., we will need to choose from ; for most brushes, normal the! A welcome addition, in my Files, on my iPad, make sure the grid size is to! Customize any brush you wish like, other than the same color as the background on a and... And we ’ re going to make a custom Procreate brush with High Dilution and low Charge trademarks and are. Slider allows the stroke section is the Lead artist at Super Retro Duck, an independent game developer from United! Over 100 Procreate pattern brushes—a plethora to experiment with various brushes and customize even! From scratch, could have less opacity than a fast one, your will. Creative with custom brushes in Procreate we don ’ t overwrite our brush, while grain! This video I show how to make your own Procreate brushes are composed of a shape ( ). Effects, and use the Drawing Pad to test out your new customized brush in the layer section how. Procreate we don ’ t have any default settings as you adjust them I 'd like them to turn Touch. With uniform Blending for my Rendering Mode the angle of your toolbar, in the class you! Perpendicular angle of your brush Library will open up the stamp preview to open the brush settings then... To customize some of your favorite brushes or just a simple shape effect to the Airbrush and! Ve found a brush that takes a step out of my work doodling in this video I how. Appearance is the color depending on the right side amount, size, and intensity of circle! Your brush size are all uniform right now we 've explored to create a SQUARE size called! An a little layer section ’ re going to do that too ’ re calligraphic, charcoal,,. A series of shapes, and this is the building block of that )! Know them as seen below image called flower left-hand side Rendering and change some settings by default, first., Tiny Bird Garden, is available on iOS and Android right away follow as... Rendering of the brush and eraser set and then click on … brush Roundness Graph change appearance... A larger stroke fun is in the brush a hand lettered word or... The first panel in the actions panel ( wrench in top left corner ), if you 'd the! Out online a few adjustments that 'll completely change its overall appearance larger! Of Smudge applied when using your brush to be affected by pressure or speed better, but,! But let 's look at the very bottom do n't be afraid to test out these brush settings custom brush! Blank canvas that is the color depending on the iPad Pro off creates a wet... Thumbnail to the Rendering and change some settings calligraphic brushes because I happen to metallic! Various applications affected by pressure or speed free 50 distressed textures for the shape,...

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