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No being other than The Watcher has displayed the ability to look into multiple realities without the aid of the Time Variance Authority. RELATED:Marvel's Avengers: Every Boss In The Game, Ranked. Dr Strange has plenty of feats. Fair fight! Nice logic. Which ends in stalemate! I guess if you just wanna say "planetary or above" it's okay though. Tier list Link - https://imgur.com/a/BBEkxRy Tier List Explanations/Observations But again, that doesn't make Blades even subsonic! Thor never summoned lightning with his thoughts. Which gives him the victory! all mcu character Tier List Maker - TierLists.com TV Shows / all mcu character all mcu character Press the labels to change the label text. And we are debating Wanda and Dr Strange not Thor. If you don't know to use your powers at full potential when you are glass-canon of course you will be ragdolled. Forum Posts. Even that alone puts her above Thor. The others range from planet level to universal. She is under the reality-warping spell different from Hex itself! This allows him to constantly get the drop on his foes and take them down without even realizing it was him. Agatha is still locked in Westview, where she is doomed to play noisy neighbor, even tho hex is gone! Time Stone was never invincible. Apart from freelance writing, Saim is a lifestyle blogger, co-owning the blog 3 States Apart. while Cap also dodged Thanos who also dodged Hulk who should be MHS+ by scaling from Abomination! a tastier adventures brand Big fodder! On his own, he established himself as among the most powerful Marvel characters overall. Having better training and more precise actions as the Wasp, there are several times when she put even her partner to shame. Your logic is completely wrong. Same with the leviathan feat. Even the VFX is the same! She even ragdolled her!. Having a safe and healthy mind with concentration is still summoning lightning with a thought. Press the labels to change the label text. mcu characters tier list generated from the MCU Characters tier list template . She has a lot of focus and knows her way around a sword, which makes her an invaluable member of the team. Sir, there are no thing like "Prime Wanda". Black Widow should be in Super Soldier. ), but even that can't reach the speed you say! You said he couldn't, and then say BFR doesn't count. Of course, he can use time hax to trap them etc, but this leads to stalemate, not victory. I know, but your hate about Wanda is unnecessary, since Wanda is pretty much one of the least overrated characters in the MCU, especially when Dr. What's stopping Wanda from creating an obedience disk with her powers and throw it to Thor! Ikaris ability to fly at any speeds who wanted to and ejecting lasers from his eyes made him almost unstoppable, with Ikaris ultimately holding back when he realized he was about to destroy his own kind. My point was, even if we don't assume she can't use her powers with the full potential like in the hex, she can still pretty much use reality-warping and teleportation! While Nebula was originally a loyal warrior for her adopted father Thanos, she eventually turned on him to join her sister Gamora alongside the Guardians of the Galaxy and even joined with the Avengers forEndgame's time heist, where she was forced to kill a past version of herself. You need a sling ring to get out of the mirror dimension. While seemingly not the smartest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy, Groot remains the innocent heart of the group. 22 The Wasp Has Size-Changing Tech, Wings And Blasters While Scott Lang has landed into the superhero role quite nicely, Hope Van Dyne seems almost born for it. While Pepper Potts has been a part of the MCU sincethe beginning in 2008's Iron Man, she never played a larger role in the superheroics until she was previously enhanced by the Extremis virus in 2013's Iron Man 3. Thank you! Before you look at the tier list, I should preface it by saying that it isn't sheer power, more of everything in combat combined. That makes no sense. Did I say Wanda can stomp Strange because he lost to Kaecilius or something like that? Wenwus mastery with the Ten Rings is the stuff of legend and more feats might be revealed in future installments that dive into his past. 1 Iron Man 2 Captain America 3 Hulk 4 Thor ADVERTISEMENT 5 Black Widow 6 Hawkeye 7 Nick Fury 8 Ant-Man 9 Dr. Same Thor couldn't tag Thanos! You will be amazed to find out the No. Being a genius when it comes to creating weaponry, Rocket knows his way around a gun better than anyone else in the MCU. From another calc, I can understand this is equal to 90 feet per second! Wanda can instantly crush his hands. | MCU Tier List 5,081 views Premiered May 3, 2021 Ranking every Marvel and MCU Character in the biggest tier list video we have done to date! Still very very inconsistent unlike Wanda's feats. For example, he is too slow, and obviously, he can't stop the time before Ronan taps his staff to the ground! Come on now! Thanos is just a better Hulk, no hax and no range abilites. Certain characters like the Dweller-in-Darkness and He Who Remains were supposed to be extremely powerful but showed up in a smaller capacity, so its worth looking at those whose feats and attributes were fully fleshed out. The Watcher hasevery power from super durability, regeneration, aging, flight, invisibility, teleportation, and size manipulation. Wanda can instantly crush his hands. Against someone with ranged attacks or flight, like Thor and Captain Marvel she would have died. In addition, you can see the most watched/liked stuff amongst your friends. Drax made it his personal mission to destroy Thanos single-handedly, which shows how powerful he at least thinks he is. NEXT:10 Biggest Differences Between Sandman In The Spider-Man Movies & Comics, Saim Cheeda is an entertainment writer covering all of Film, TV, Gaming and Books. A big thing behind my rankings is how much I watching these movies, not just how good I think they are. Do you have any proof it's subsonic? Click 'Save/Download' and add a title and description. Being above him doesn't mean much. Again, they can't send their things and kill their opponents with Massively Hypersonic speeds or light speed! While Stark cured her, he later built Pepper her own suit of armor that she wore inAvengers: Endgameto become Rescue. Fair for me, but it's nothing wrong with her being on God Tier. Perhaps the black sheep of the Avengers, Hawkeye has had an interesting legacy. Calculation 1 - Kang creates a large crater across a planet Calculation 2 - Kang destroys multiple planets at once Just like Maw. The scriptwriter also stated they would still lose that fight if they take the Gauntlet off in IW which means Strange couldn't even defeat base Thanos, pretty much makes sense because he can never kill Thanos with any of his spells he showed, and he also stated Wanda is the strongest person on the EG Battlefield against Thanos. First time ive seen Ant-Man in the top tier, thats cool. While going through varying levels of strength throughout his appearances, Groot remains apowerful member of the team. God tier - Is fine, but far too vague. While she was ultimately beaten by Scarlet Witch, Agatha was outnumbered by the formers children and Vision. Mach 1 = 343 Meter per second! She forced the entire city to do the same thing in AOU, but pretty much she never made them act like they are living a normal life, and pretty much gave them a daily life routine for each! Eternals (2021) Chlo Zhao's Eternals is not a film that frustrates because it misses an obvious target . From gaming trends to the latest blockbuster anime, DualShockers keeps you ahead of the curve. Alfredo. Widow has no business being a tier below Hawkeye and falcon, I wouldn't even put her a tier below base capt America with her movie feats. Scott Lang is agile and knows how to get around in order to steal things, but he wasnt that impressive until he was given the Ant-Man suit by Hank Pym. Strange goes to Team Busters tier. But Wanda can teleport now! She can only beat this guys by catching them off-guard. You are not using combat feats! From the chaos magic of Scarlet Witch to the legendary abilities of Shang-Chi's Ten Rings, MCU's Phase Four brought incredible power in the year 2021. I don't think tagging her is easy. Thanos with stones struggling with Dr Strange. Scarlet Witch established herself as the strongest Avenger in the MCU when she placed all of Westview under thrall, showing off the ability to change reality. As of now the only "reality warping" Wanda has done was inside the hex. She can only break the mind stone, because her powers are similar. Which is below subsonic. No he doesn't! Fury was further explored over the course of the Infinity Sagawhich revealed his military history and work as a super-spy that earned him the title of Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Black Bolt has either no feats, or we are relying on comics. "- Time Stone Dr. Still not close to the calc! I don't know you sound like angry incel, At least AchillesSpawns make actual arguments, I believe we are acutally debating something but scaling her below street tiers is, something else . BFR is a viable option, and since it is, it is clear that Dr Strange can beat Thanos, if Thanos doesn't have the stones. No, the final fight of course! Hi all! Just like how Wanda creates the red force-field around the fire with the same speed they were created which should give her MHS+ speed which is either way outlier. You said she reality warped Agatha, without the hex, and now you are saying she didn't! They were defeated on occasion, but the fact that the Loki variants were successful in taking down He Who Remains is a testament to their skills and abilities. Shang could also move up too. Alexi. 10 Iron Man. -Ego is strong on paper, but on-screen feats he struggled with basic humans like GOTG & Yondu and Sovereign corps, he couldn't tag them for 30 minutes, he was again mind-controlled by Mantis, so by on-screen feats, he is very weak. Thirldy not having immunity to telepathy doesn't make Thor weaker than her. I said, I don't see any single way to beat Thanos without BFR, and you said I'm biased! Thanos definitely needs 6 stones to face with Dormammu & Celestials. If you're really going to say a character doesn't have an ability because they didn't use it in a particular instance, then you really know nothing about fiction. Which she can stop easily? She hold 2 leviathans in EG from away and Spikes that equal to millions of tons in IW. RELATED:Marvel's Avengers: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game. Here's our ranking of every movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, worst to best: 31. RANKING EVERY MARVEL CHARACTER!! 4. Otherwise He never put Time Stone Strange above everyone on the god tier except cosmics! Hogun has no anti feats, nor does he have any feats, when he finaly gets feats you call it an anti feat for another character. In the same way that he can take TP she can't take a single lightning bolt, mjolnir throw, punch or any other type of attack from him. Here he reacts to a Hydra Soldier's blast. First of all, thanks for using my template Good to see people noticing it. Having better feats in later movies does not mean that your past self is weaker. He only has two meaningful feats to his name - stepping on Cull and punching away a leviathan, and none of that is even valid. However, the War Machine armor doesnt seem nearly as versatile as the Iron Man suit. Just because I don't think Wanda's god tier means I hate her? Why wouldnt she be able to destroy the time stone? There's also his lightning cloak. These productions star various titular superheroes; they are independently produced by Marvel Studios and are based on characters that appear in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The shared universe, much like the original . Also, I don't see why opening a hex is something impossible for her anymore. Because she can read minds with her thoughts! While he eventually was forced to go undercover when S.H.I.E.L.D. Vibranium Ultron did somewhat overwhelm Mjolnir Thor in 1vs1 but that's as far as his feats ever go. MCU Characters tier list generated from the Marvel Movies Characters Rank tier list template How? It took Iron Man + Thor + Vision firing at the same time to defeat Ultron. Top 53 MCU Characters RANKED (Marvel Tier List) - YouTube 0:00 / 32:29 #tierlist #mcu #mcuranking Top 53 MCU Characters RANKED (Marvel Tier List) VETZ 5.34K subscribers. Alexei (Pig) Alexei Shostakov/Super Soldier Peggy Carter. They generally have one or two outlier feats like Thanos blocking Captain Marvel's photon blast which is stated to be LS, but they are overshadowed by on-screen moments like Cap dodging Thanos' attacks. Thor was able to move in Quicksilver slow mo and has plenty of other supersonic feats. Getting his shield to touch a stoneless Thanos won't be hard. Within it all, the heroes and villains showcased their abilities and some were clearly more skilled than others. No! 3. There are 800 meter small mountains in the world! She was also ragdolled by Ultron bots! Ragdolling someone when you have TK isn't that impressive. He also lost against guys like Ebony Maw even when he has time stone. He dodges attacks from malekith which made sonic booms. Agatha may be less powerful than Wanda, but she knows a lot more spells, and has far more experience. Sir I'm using what happened in the movies to debate. Can you hear yourself! Okay Thor beaten by taser gun twice. - 5 stone Thanos definitely should be below both Celestials and Dormammu. Ultron killed off every powerful hero and villain, ranging from Captain Marvel to Thanos and more. What! She also made it non-intangible in Episode 4 by touching it. No. Here Hulk statue Abomination. RELATED:5 Best Marvel Fighting Games to Play (& 5 Worst to Avoid). I never said he did. On-screen feats support my claim. And even if she can't, she can stay inside the mirror dimension forever! His best off-contac transmutation feat is transmutating a single tea cup. There are people who can do SOME planetary stuff and people who can literally bust galaxies. Again, what makes you say that? This is the single last frame we saw, before the explosion VFX. The mirror dimension for example. But a fair debate requires same assumings! Then I asked for feats! Agreed! Personally Ant-Man is one of the most rewatchable movies I've ever seen. This is like saying anyone who has a gun can beat Strange or Wanda, which is ridiculous! Ultron has telekinesis just like Scarlet Witch PLUS many other superpowers. The year 2021 was significant for the Marvel Cinematic Universe since the series returned after a two-year hiatus due to the impact of COVID-19. Fair for me! In this article, we have listed down all the most powerful characters from the marvel cinematic universe. Are you sure you want to delete your score and checked items on this list? Ali Shaheed Muhammad. Still, his hold over the rings hasnt fully been explored since he only got them at the climax of the movie, which makes his incredible martial arts ability his primary mode of offense. She made the hex by accident, but she closed it with her powers. Again, Thor can't summon lightning with thought, he never did. If they wanted no stone Thanos to be that powerful, they should have shown it. Also Wanda should be above him too, if you don't think Ego can tag a person who can teleport her entire body with thought speed. Create New Template All MCU Movies and Series (MCU) (2023) Marvel Movies (The Infinity Saga, Phase 1-3) Spider-Man Movies (including No Way Home) Marvel Cinematic Universe All Phases MARVEL: MCU movies & series Marvel Comics Superheroes Ranking He never did something like that! She simply dodged her attacks and fought with her in Hand to Hand! Yeah, but she performed a great defense against Thanos' elite warrior for a long time! Even if you want to look at it that way. Man really put kingo and phastos under lizard . But it's easier to talk and derail. But he couldn't save himself from Ebony Maw's cage, he couldn't save Loki from Thanos, he couldn't save himself from Thanos again in Endgame when Thanos was about to stab him with his axe. Complete with a metal arm, intense training with all sorts of weapons, and a no-holds-barred attitude, Bucky went from zero to hero in no time at all. Why didn't Dr strange cut off Thanos's hand with a portal? I said Strange can beat Thanos. Ajak ( Salma Hayek) is a powerful healer who doubles as the leader of the Eternals. The MCU Dad Tier List. Good for her. Even slower than Thanos' blade itself! Look in a movie, the Film makers Knows that people like Doctor Strange and Scarlet witch are powerful but they are still glass cannon fodders. But I'm using the projectile term in what we understand in science-fiction! Why do you keep lowballing how much he moved? Don't misquote me! He has displayed enormous potential with his powerful abilities and his own self-designed high-tech suit,and he's still only a teenager. Not only is Nebula highly trained along with her sister to become the deadliest woman in the galaxy, but she is also a cyborg who is capable of self-repair and has enhanced strength and abilities to further increase her standing among her teammates on the Guardians. Thank you! If you are ignoring all of these facts, and act like street-tiers beat her in actual combat, then I can also say Thor is below these guys! How she can't control her single-hand gesture! The sorcerer supreme at the time of that statement is Wong. Yes. Strange tho. He was beaten by Ebony Maw, and he needs 10 seconds to stop time, which is more than enough to get one-shot by any of these guys. But he can just open the mirror dimension gateway under him! I never said Strange can't beat Thanos! It was the year where the MCU entered Phase Four, comprising films, along with shows on the Disney+ service. No single standalone speed feat except scaling! 9. Her warping powers weren't connected with the hex itself! With all of these major characters working together to fight a cosmic evil or carry the rest of the franchise, the question of the strongest superhero is often debated. No they are not. Some less powerful characters have an edge that makes them better in combat. High tier - Giantman has no business in the high tier. You said, Wanda can't answer them! The only reason hes managed to survive so long in the cosmos is he uses all sorts of tricks to get out of situations and he spent his childhood learning how to survive among space pirates. Coming off The Avengers and returning straight to standalone stories with the odd nod to Thor and Captain America was a tricky ask, but Marvel went for broke with what will likely be the last Robert Downey, Jr-led outing. Gamora is the second daughter of Thanos, and she has proven herself to be the stronger of the two. She never even performed something like that on-screen! You are clearly lowballing her. 1 year ago. Strange with zero feats is here, considered one of the most powerful MCU heroes. She can just crush Thor like a trash can the moment the fight started if we go by serious feats. Quicksilver was. So under your logic Thor would be more powerful than him. How? And there are many characters in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) Do you know them all? 3. For how much Kate Bishop antagonized him, he took the hits like a champ and really fucking tried to get through to the kid . She has a lot of feats! Held back by having the worst movement in the game, as Cap can only run,. Moreover, the two other Spider-Men had a range of powers that went from superior agility to extreme levels of strength. I'm not saying he won't. it would be so stupid to not attack her from behind, and try to face her! The Spider-Man variants were also capable of taking on multiple villains at the same time, with each one of them coming out on top and willing to fight more. Mind stone only amplified her powers I don't see how the mind stone and chaos magic share a similarities in power. All he can do his attack her the same way Thanos does, or just summon lightning from his axe which takes a second, enough for Wanda to create a force field to stop it. She can also teleport with thinking, not portals. Squanchy70 10 mo. War Machine --> Attacked her from behind when she was completely focused on something else, Iron Man --> That shit doesn't even on-screen, and we don't know Wanda surrendered herself to make things easier and less complicated, Proxima Midnight encounter 1 --> I don't why you bring this fight, Wanda stomped Proxima, ragdolled her even in close combat. All the stones are similar in nature. You guys are blinded and can't see on-screen feats. Against someone with ranged attacks or flight, like Thor and Captain Marvel she would have died. And many bullets are slower than mach 2.3, like pistols which are just above mach 1. Well MCU is dominating the 21st Century. However, Ikaris was an exception, who even beat down each one of the Eternals on his own in the films conclusion. Or are you just making baseless statements. Alice Hernandez/Dark Dimension. Iron man in the Avengers also solod a leviathan and you've put him in mid tier. She is of course in God Tier! It also confirmedwhyDoctor Strange will require her help to stop a multiversal threat later on. Agent Is A Super-Soldier And Former Captain America, War Machine's Armor Is A Walking Arsenal Of Stark Weapons, Winter Soldier Has Enhanced Strength And A Vibranium Arm, Spider-Man Has The Potential To Be The Strongest Avenger, 10 Pokemon Who Resemble Avengers & MCU Characters, Marvel: 10 Best Video Games, Ranked By IGN Score, Marvel's Avengers: Every Boss In The Game, Ranked, 10 Games To Play If You Loved Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3, Black Widow is another one of the Avengers, Marvel's Avengers: 10 Things To Do After You Beat The Game, 5 Best Marvel Fighting Games to Play (& 5 Worst to Avoid), Spider-Man Miles Morales: 5 Ways It's Better Than Marvel's Spider-Man (And 5 Ways It's Not), Leaked Mario Movie Switch Bundle Has Three Old Games, But You Have To Pick One, Star Wars Movies And Shows In Chronological Order, Mario And Barbie, Characters Who Can Do Everything, Are Having A Big Year At The Movies. 2023 GAMESPOT, A FANDOM COMPANY. Which doesn't work with thought speed, and he actually need to lift his hands, which is enough for Wanda to react! Fights have different circumstances, but we have to consider every high-end feat to put characters where they belong! Agent, Pepper PottsWears Her Own Suit Of Armor As Rescue, Star-Lord Has Advanced Alien Tech And Element Guns, Rocket Racoon Is A Brilliant Weaponsmith And Pilot, Monica Rambeau Gained Untested New Abilities As Spectrum, Ant-Man Can Change His Size To Become Giant-Man, The Wasp Has Size-Changing Tech, Wings And Blasters. Phase 4 introduced bunch Strongest MCU Characters From Superheroes To Villains. Part of the reason shes higher than Ant-Man is that her suit comes fitted with wings and blasters, giving her more options when taking on bad guys. Furthermore, his suit hasnt had nearly as many upgrades, which puts a damper on hisupper levels when compared to other armored heroes like Iron Man.

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